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Start Video Game Streaming With Real-Time Video Latency Using Web Browser

No need to have a third-party application to broadcast gamers' screens. In addition, Coral Gateway resolves delayed interaction experience by providing ultra-low latency streaming.

Fix the Interaction Problem in Your Platform with Coral Gateway's WebRTC Solution

Gamers are generally complaining about interaction problems. Coral Gateway resolves this problem by ultra-low latency streaming(0.5 seconds) via WebRTC.

Use Chat Integration for your Platform

Chat channels are an indispensable part of live game platforms. Coral Gateway supports instant messaging & chat channels with an easy way to use.

Provide The Best User Experience To Your Audience With Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Give your audience an excellent live streaming experience according to their internet speed. Coral Gateway provides adaptive bitrate streaming which provides the best quality according to the internet speed of your audience.

Scale Up Streaming while Scaling Your Audience

You’re having lots of publishers and viewers? Coral Gateway is horizontally and vertically scalable for having tens of thousands of audience in real-time.

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