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Bring Your Auctions Online With Coral Gateway's Live Auction Software

Get bids on time from the internet and increase the challenge in your auction.l Coral Gateway provides 0.5-second end-to-end streaming latency for your live biddings through WebRTC.

Real-Time Streaming Solution for Your Online Auctions

Live Auction should be streamed with ultra low latency in order to get bids on time. Otherwise, your items get sold at a lower price. Coral Gateway provides sub-second latency streaming by using WebRTC technology.

Provide The Best User Experience With Adaptive Bitrate

What if some of the users have 800kbps internet speed while you’re broadcasting with 2Mbps? If you don’t use adaptive bitrate, the live stream does not play smoothly. With Coral Gateway adaptive bitrate streaming feature, you can be sure that your users will get the highest quality streaming according to their internet speeds.

Get Bids from Chat Channel

Don’t spend time developing an instant messaging (aka chat) application. Use Coral Gateway's chat solution. You can get bids from the chat channel in real-time.

Embed to Your Website & Go Live Easily

Just embed the WebRTC player and chat panel to your website. it’s enough to go live. The Player will start when the stream goes live.

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